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St. Gabriel Hotel Nazareth
St.Gabriel Hotel is a unique hotel with an excellent location and rich in culture. Located on top of the mountainside with a breathtaking and stunning panoramic view of the Annunciation, Old Monasteries, and religious sights of the City of Nazareth, Jezrael Valley and Mount Tabor Skyline.
Within a five minutes' walk from the city's landmarks, located in the heart of Galilee an within an hour drive through the Galilee region, the building used to be a monastery and has been one of Nazareth`s treasures.
About us
This former monastery was converted into the St. Gabriel Hotel in 1993.It had served as a monastery that hosted pilgrims for many years.  The old building was remodeled and renovated by the Saffoury Bros., who are a visionary family that turned the building into a boutique hotel.
The Hotel is built on the Western ridge of one of Nazareth hills, where a visitor not only can see Nazareth and the neighboring villages and towns, but the whole Northern area of the country as well. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights, Mount Tabor and Megiddo. 
The Hotel consists of 60 rooms that hosts thousands of pilgrims and locals whole the year through. It also organizes monthly musical evenings and chapel concerts played by various local and international musicians that attract art lovers and a cultural audience from all over Israel, including Tel-Aviv Jerusalem and Eilat. 
With its Mediterranean antique style and authentic Middle Eastern restaurant, this tranquil location on the top of the highest hills of Nazareth, has attracted tourists from all over the world, as well as artists from the Holy Land and neighboring countries.  It is considered a haven for art, hospitality and preserves a rich culture for over a thousand years and a proud religious heritage. All this is part of the breathtaking location of St. Gabriel Hotel halls and garden that is shaded by pine trees, green grass and colorful roses. Events and shows are organized and held according to request. 
The breathtaking panoramic view of St Gabriel hotel recalls classical Italy and Spain combined with the Mediterranean and oriental style. The view overlooks the stunning Basilica of the Annunciation, which is the largest church in the Middle East, the place where Jesus Christ and his mother Virgin Mary lived, ancient monasteries, and religious sights of the old city that are located in the heart of the Galilee. The Hotel is only an hour’s drive within the northern region, Jezrael Valley, and Mount Tabor, the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, Tiberias and Haifa.
The Family History
The Saffoury family that runs the hotel and all the activities is a native Nazarene family. In 1820, the family moved from Tzippori  (Sepphoris) to live in Cana of Galilee, then in the early 1900`s they moved to Nazareth and has been considered a pillar of Nazareth’s community. (The family is considered a pioneer family in the field of business in Nazareth). They are known for their civic life, business activity and social leadership.
One of the Saffoury family`s traditional business cornerstones is hospitality.  The family members are well-known for their generosity and hospitality not only on the business level, but at the social and humanitarian level as well. 
Throughout their years of operating businesses, they have never stopped working hard to establish businesses that serve the whole community. They have always made sure that cleanliness, hospitality, considerate and respectful customer service would  be offered to their hotel guests. 
A visit to the St. Gabriel Hotel will be an experience of a lifetime, and a visit in which you'll make special friends right away.


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