Golden Crown Old City

Golden Crown Hotel old city is a newcomer to the network of Golden Crown Hotel in Israel.
Located inside the old city of Nazareth, near the holy spring.
100 new hotel rooms are modern innovation Most confirmation LCD TV began
Through lit work desk and ergonomic, Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas, coffee sets and combined with a strong focus on the quality of sleep during a large family spacious and luxurious and more bathrooms.
Hotel guests offers a unique dining lot of culinary options and a variety of dishes served from morning to night.
Piano Bar - allow to sit in a quiet and comfortable on alcohol beverages and soft and taste the wine from one of the many wineries that surround the city.
Resides in the city of Golden Crown and visit the old city of Nazareth is a magical combination of calm and break the bustling city full of life and offers its visitors a variety of historical sites and places of entertainment, colorful market and a trip to the alleys of the old city.
The city holds historic attractions along with modern and urban flight from the East and West cultural integration spilled together wherever you turn.



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