Almahdi sweets

About the place: 

As third generation of bakers and oriental sweet makers, we seek to perfect our products. Our company now proudly specializes in forty-nine kinds of oriental sweets; we seek to expand by making out unique brand of sweets accessible to other markets around the world.

With the ever-evolving forms of technology and communication the world is getting a smaller place.

Oriental sweets making and sweets have gained a worldwide reputation for excellence and exquisite taste. Our special brand of sweets are a sought after product around the world. Here in Nazareth, we proudly provide a sweet experience to an internationally diverse and loyal customer base. We offer a high quality product.

Our sweets are pristinely packaged in beautifully decorated boxes. The sweets are made/prepared from the finest ingredients (kashu, nuts, pine nuts, almonds and pistachio) with low sugar content and a taste of butter ghee.

Our delicious small piece sweets are cut in exactly the right size and portion providing a truly gastronomic experience.


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Mon - Sun: 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Al-Bishara St 1