Nazareth halva factory

His Parents of Ali Nasser, the manager of the factory, were producing candy and his uncle knew the secret recipe of producing Halva.

Based on the experience that his family gained during years of producing sweets and candies, Ali Amin Nasser founded the first Halva and tehina factory in Nazareth and today he is the owner of the most modern and highest quality Halva and tehina factory in Israel.

Nazareth Halva is its brand and its spread all over the country and is being marketed worldwide.

In addition, the factory has invented a new product of Halva which is named curly Halva, moreover this new fascinating product has unique flavor which became rapidly high consumed as well.

The terrific flavor of the Halva and the tehina, and the excellent service the company offers are result of the high quality and natural gross materials used and the well maintained production lines and high accuracy of all the processes and employees.

Our company produces Halva products from the best sesame seeds in the world.

The alignment of quality control includes food technologist that examines every production line according to the international guidelines.

Nazareth factory is the leading company in the market and it is mostly known of producing Halva from net natural materials, out of preservatives and out of Trans fats.

We markets our products in the institutional market and the private market in addition to the natural shops worldwide (USA, South Africa, Canada, Sweden, etc.)


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Mon - Sat: 10:00 am-6:00 pm