The House of Culture and Art

The House of Culture and Art is located in Al-Mutran Square, at the entrance to the old market of Nazareth. The House of Culture and Art is housed in a historical nineteenth century building owned by the late attorney Tawfiq Muammar, who granted the building to the Orthodox Community Council in Nazareth in order to serve the people of the city as a cultural institution.

In the beginning, the center operated under the name “The High Institute of Art and the House of the Writer”, and served, between the years 1994-2007, as a college for teaching visual arts and music, as well as contributing to the publication of local writers. In 2007, the place was shut down for renovations of the entire structure until it was finally reopened on September 5, 2009 as a gallery for the visual arts, periodically curating and hosting exhibitions and art workshops for the cultural and educational institutions in Nazareth and its surroundings.

The House of Oud is a musical center belonging to the House of Culture and Art, where private lessons are offered for students playing different musical instruments.

The students also receive the necessary theoretical and background relating to their instrument and musical instruments in general.


Also, the House of Oud Orchestra includes a group of young musicians in their high-school years, who often perform together for the general public on different occasions. 
The House of Culture and Art also hosts a monthly literary salon which combines literary lectures as well as encounters with local creative minds in the cultural, literary, artistic and social sphere, the purpose of these counters being to reinforce the collective memory and to document literary and cultural activism in our society


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