Nasijona has been opened since 2014, and is located near the Basilica of the Annunciation. Despite being opened since 2014, interest in the association did not pick up until 2017 and it has been running successfully ever since.

The center was opened by director Violette Khoury in order to keep Palestinian tradition of embroidery alive. The tradition of Palestinian embroidery was only known by the older generation and was at risk of becoming a dying craft. The center was founded in order to keep the tradition alive and teach it to the younger generations.

Nasijona also helps women who are stuck at home or lonely as it provides a sense of community and offers a place for new friendships. It also gives women the opportunity to learn a new skill and also sell their work, providing a source of income and a sense of independence.

Nasijona runs courses in embroidery, crochet, knitting, sewing, calligraphy and jewelry making with pearls. It also runs computer courses and intends to start a course in making jewelry from different materials such as gold and silver.


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Mon - Sun: 10:00 am-6:00 pm