The Galilee Mill (El Babour)

The Galilee Mill (El Babour) 
Spices shop and a 100 years old Mill.
Free entrance. 
The Galilee Mill, or "el-Babour", located on the edge of Nazareth's Old City, close to Mary's Well, combines an interesting history with an active store containing over a thousand kinds of spices and herbs. The mill was built by the Wagner family of the Templar movement at the end of the nineteenth century and provided grinding and storage services for the city's farmers. 
The large doors allowed access to the mill for farmers, along with their camels carrying sacks of grain and crops for grinding. Advanced machines and tools were brought from Germany and a large yard was built to hold animals. While the animals were left to eat and drink, their owners would trade in wheat, bulgur, corn and other crops. 
When the British arrived, the Germans left and the site was leased by Jarjoura Kanazze who proceeded to develop the mill by importing modern grinding machines from Europe. Today the mill is run by his grandchildren. A visit is highly recommended, both to see the impressive grinding machines and old tools and to enjoy the wonderful scents emanating from the wide variety of spices, herbs and aromatherapy oils. 


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