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Things To Do

Walk through the Market Duration: about an hour  This walk goes through Nazareth's famous market and is suitable in case you have a very short time and wish to enjoy the Old City's atmosphere and walk through the varied market stores.  The Old Market of Nazareth is one of the most fascinating markets in Israel. As part of the Y 2,000...

Where to go

The Galilee Mill (El Babour)   Spices shop and a 100 years old Mill.Free entrance.      The Galilee Mill, or "el-Babour", located...
  The Arabs call it"Madrasset El-Massiach" (The Messiah Academy).In the heart of the Market, between the stores, a small yard is taking us to a special church...

Where to sleep

Rosana is a guesthouse located in the heart of the old city of Nazareth, overlooking St. Georgios Greek Orthodox church. Rosana, originally a traditional Nazarene old house, has 6 rooms completely renovated to guarantee comfort and satisfaction for its guests .All rooms are equipped with AC, a private bathroom, a mini bar and a private balcony,...

What to eat

Canary restaurant located in the center of Nazareth serves its diners an excellent Middle Eastern kitchen that focuses on qualitative meals, fresh seasoned salads and chosen dishes that are...
Nazareth Village A shepherd cares for his flock on the hillside, a watchman stands guard in a tower by the wine press, and in his home of mud and straw a carpenter fixes a stool while his wife weaves...

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