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  • Nazareth: A Whirlwind of Delicious Foods and Warm Hospitality
  • The launch of Nazareth’s first coding bootcamp
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  • Founders and Coders Nazareth — Life as an International Student


Things To Do

Nazareth halva factory His Parents of Ali Nasser, the manager of the factory, were producing candy and his uncle knew the secret recipe of producing Halva.Based on the experience that his family gained during years of producing sweets and candies, Ali Amin Nasser founded the first Halva and tehina factory in Nazareth and today he is the owner of the most modern and...

Where to go

Claris Convent oppening hours : by appointment tel: 04-6011072 In the center of the city, next to the main street (Paulus VI), was this convent located,...
Sisters of Nazareth  A church and an archeological site.  The “Nazareth Nuns” Convent is an impressive, beautiful building located not far from the...

Where to sleep

"Iftah ya simsim" is Arabic and means "open sesame". Simsim is situated inside the vegetable market in the heart of the Old City of Nazareth. Simsim's guests love sharing shopping, cooking, dining. The kitchen is well equipped, the common area is light-flooded, colourful, young and modern in one of the old...

What to eat

Kakao Bistro Cafe was founded in 2004.All branches opened in key locations, and adapted to the needs of the local clientele.That's why each of the branches operate during the evening and night...
Cazanova restaurant is committed to serving fresh, healthy, and delicious traditional meals. the highlight of the restaurant meals are shish kebab , falafel shawarma, fish, hummus and special...

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